CNC Punching

The Amada EMZ 3610 NT Punchpress delivers speed and accuracy in abundance. With a Punching accuracy of +0.1mm and a combined maximum feedrate of 128mtr/min the speed and quality of produced parts is second to none.
Along with a fully automatic Sheet Loader / Unloader the EMZ 3610 is able to run lights out meaning a reduction in costs of produced parts for our customers.

Machine Info:

Twin high speed Electric Servo direct drive punch mechanism
Patented bridge frame construction
45 station Z turret for fast tool change
4 Auto Index Stations
Floating brush table
Automated Sheet Loading / Unloading System
2500 x 1500 Punching Capacity before reposition
30 Tonne Punching Capacity
AMNC Screen Touch Control
The cutting-edge EMZ 3610 NT Turret Punch uses twin direct drive AC servo drives. This innovative machine combines high speed production, impressive reliability and numerous cost and process improvements that we are able to incorporate into reducing our product costs.
With the ability to cut up to 3.2mm thick Steel, the EMZ is a light gauge machine with incredible punching and movement speeds.
Acegate have continued it's relationship with Amada with heavy investment in a range of Amada machinery.
Having all this fantastic machinery would of course be useless if they were not running. That is why we have also tied ourselves to Amada with a Service contract that keeps our machines running at optimum levels all year round. With Amada's expertise both through telephone support and engineer's in the field means we experience the absolute minimum in downtime.


Maximum thickness of up to and including 3.2mm