Acegate's goal is continued improvement in the services offered and as such the continued investment in machinery since Acegate's conception and especially in the past 5 years proves our commitment in trying to stay at the forefront of the latest techniques in manufacturing.
The quality that sets Acegate apart from most Manufacturers is our ability to take YOUR concept, then from design to manufacture produce what is required in exceptional lead times. Because of this drive to achieve quick results, it also allows us to produce large batch production orders in lead times that none of our competitors can match.
ADIGE LT712D 2.5kw Tube Laser with fully automated loader and unloader.
AMADA LC F1 NT 4kw Sheet Laser with fully automated Sheet loader and unloader.
AMADA EMZ 3610 NT Punchpress with 45 station turret and Sheet loader / Unloader.
1 x AMADA HFE2 170 Tonne 4mtr Pressbrake with on site CNC controls.
3 x AMADA HFE's 100 Tonne 3mtr Pressbrakes with on site CNC controls.
Automatic Shelf Rolling Line.
CNC controlled Tube Slotting & Profiling machine.
Fully automatic CNC Saw.
ESAB Aluminium MIG Welding Unit
No of MIG & Tig Welding facilities.
5 x Spotwelders.
No of Pillar Drills, Flow Drills and Tapping Facilities.
Radan 2013, Radraft, Radpunch, Radprofile, Rad3D
Adige Artube.
With an array of CNC machinery and also equipment with more traditional manufacturing methods, Acegate have the tools to achieve any of your Sheet Metal needs. Please select one of the links below to find out more on the services we offer.