Sheet Laser Cutting

Acegate Mfg Ltd are equipped with the latest in Sheet Laser Technology with an Amada LC F1 NT machine. Enabling us to manufacture products quicker and cheaper than ever before.
Along with a fully automatic Sheet Loader, the F1 is equipped with an auto Nozzle changer, allowing us for the first time to run lights out cutting the full range of material thicknesses the machine is capable of cutting.

Machine Info:

Fast and precise - 3 linear drives
4kw Laser Power Source - Amada tuned Oscillator
No lens change from thick to thin materials. 1mm - 20mm Mild Steel
Automatic cut & pierce process monitoring
1 x Power saving ECO mode
Automatic Nozzle changer, allowing to run lights out on min to max of material thickness.
3000mm x 1500mm Sheet Capacity.
Amada tuned oscillator
AMNC Screen Touch Control
With its Ultra Fast and Ultra Precise cutting technology, the Amada LC F1 NT Sheet Laser provides Acegate Mfg with cutting conditions to achieve manufacturing lead times that are both cost effective and time efficient for our end Customers.
With the ability to cut up to 20mm thick Mild Steel, the cutting speeds achieved are remarkable, but coupled with a quality of cut not achieved on our previous machine it is even more impressive.
Acegate have continued it's relationship with Amada with heavy investment in a range of Amada machinery. With the F1 being the latest addition it is this continued strive to be at the forefront of technology that allows Acegate to provide our Customers with a quality product at the right price.
Having all this fantastic machinery would of course be useless if they were not running. That is why we have also tied ourselves to Amada with a Service contract that keeps our machines running at optimum levels all year round. With Amada's expertise both through telephone support and engineer's in the field means we experience the absolute minimum in downtime.


Mild Steel up to and including 20mm
Stainless Steel up to and including 12mm
Aluminium up to and including 10mm